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At Muskegon Fire Equipment your protection is our profession.

During our many years in the fire protection field, we’ve had the chance to review, sell, and work with various manufacturers and product lines. This has allowed us to offer the highest quality products and resources from the best manufacturers in the industry. Our large inventory and strong ties to local suppliers allows us to care for our customers at a moments notice. Below are just a few products we carry.


Fire Extinguishers

We carry the full line of Amerex fire extinguishers. See their catalog here.

  • ABC Dry Chemical
  • CO2 – Carbon Dioxide
  • K Class – Wet Chemical
  • Dry Powder – D Class
  • Clean Agent
  • Pressurized Water & Foam

Egress Lighting

Cooper Industries, Lithonia, and Surelite products help light the way to safety.

  • Exit Signs
  • Emergency Lights
  • Exit and Emergency Light Combination
  • Batteries & Bulbs

Sprinkler Systems

You can expect the highest quality parts from Viking, Victolic, and Tyco SimplexGrinnell

  • Sprinkler heads
  • Escutcheons in multiple styles & colors
  • Break away locks
  • Tamper switches
  • Gauges
  • FDC Covers
  • Fire Hose
  • Control Valves

Commercial Kitchen

  • Amerex KP Systems
  • Kidde WHDR Systems
  • Fusible links
  • Releasing Cartridges
  • Discharge Nozzles

Fire Alarm

We offer the highest quality fire alarm products through Kidde & Firelite.

  • Conventional Zone Panels
  • Intelligent Fire Panels
  • Voice Evac
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Pull Stations

Industrial Fire Suppression

Areas that benefit most from this type of suppression include Paint Spray Booths, CNC Grinding Machinery, areas with industrial processing, and Hazardous or Flammable Material Storage rooms.

  • Kidde IND™ Dry Chemical Systems
  • Amerex IS Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Detect Suppression Systems

Waterless Fire Protection (Clean Agent)

These products are best used in areas that are normally occupied and have sensitive electronic equipment and record storage. These systems excel at fighting fires in electrical cabinets, server storage racks, and other hard to reach areas. This would include:

  • FE-13
  • Novec 1230
  • FM-200