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Frequently Asked Questions


Ask us anything! The team at Muskegon Fire Equipment is ready to serve you and answer your questions.

What is the service area of Muskegon Fire Equipment?
We serve all of West Michigan.
What advantages should I expect working with Muskegon Fire Equipment?
We bring decades of experience and are able to bundle several services in one visitation ie. Fire Extinguishers & Emergency Lights. We do our best to minimize visits by maximizing our services provided when we do our inspections.
How often do Fire Extinguishers need to be inspected?
The NFPA standard requires at least once a year. We are happy to schedule multiple visits a year as needed.
Does Muskegon Fire Equipment automatically reschedule inspections for my facility?
Yes, we do! We are more than willing to set up a recurring schedule whether it be annually, semi-annually, monthly, or as often as requested.
If my fire extinguishers are due or overdue for service does Muskegon Fire Equipment provide loaners?
Yes. We are able to offer our customers replacements while we services their extinguishers.
Can fire extinguishers be brought to Muskegon Fire Equipment for service inspection?
Yes. We regularly inspect fire extinguishers at our service counter. These inspections typically only take a few minutes, provided no extra service is required.
Does Muskegon Fire Equipment offer fire demonstrations?
Yes. We offer live burn demonstrations and are able to do this with any sized group; we do however prefer a group size of 100 or less.
What size fire extinguisher should I use in my home?
We recommend having a 5# multipurpose dry chemical ABC rated extinguisher on each level of your home. Bigger is better in this situation, pounds of powder fight fires.